Abstracts and Selected Papers

Ed.: Schlichting, Michael / Leuner, Hanscarl

(Welten des Bewußtseins / Worlds of Consciousness, Bd.5)

1. Internationaler Kongreß des Europäischen Collegium für Bewußtseinsstudien (ECBS),
1st International Congress of the European College for the Study of Consciousness (ECSC),

Göttingen (Germany), Sept. 24-27, 1992

This volume of "Worlds of Consciousness" contains the proceedings of the 1st International Congress of the European College for the Study of Consciousness (ECSC) held at the University of Göttingen (Germany) on September 24-27, 1992. The great success of this congress reflects the ever growing interest in consciousness research as well as in new approaches to altered states transcending the traditional boundaries of science and self-experience.

Founded in 1985, the ECSC is a multidisciplinary forum for advancing research and facilitating the exchange of experience in the area of altered states of consciousness as elicited by diverse psychological means or psychoactive drugs. The spectrum of scientific disciplines encompassed by the ECSC and compiled in this volume extends from chemistry and psychopharmacology, across psychology and psychotherapy to medical anthropology, cultural anthropology, as well as other humanistic sciences.

Part I of this volume consists of all abstracts of the nearly sixty scientific papers providing an excellent overview of the historic evolution, modern approaches, and the future directions of consciousness research.

Part II presents selected papers from outstanding pioneers and experts in the field: Marlene Dobkin de Rios, Ralph Metzner, Alexander T. Shulgin, Richard Yensen & Donna Dryer, Hanscarl Leuner, Mario Markus, Peyton Jacob III, David Wasdell, John Downing, and Mario Simões.



Plenary Lectures Altered States of Consciousness in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Scientific Bases
Significance for Psychotherapy
  1. Experimental Basic Research on Humans (Part 1)
  2. Experimental Basic Research on Humans (Part 2)
  3. The Religious Experience and Meditation
  4. Near-Death Experiences and Out-of-Body Experiences
  5. Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology
  6. Therapeutic Applications of Altered States of Consciousness
  7. Traditional Healers - Ethnobotany
  8. Sound, Rhythm, Breath, Dance, and Altered States of Consciousness
  9. Chemistry and Neurobiology of Psychoactive Substances
  10. Open Topics

Selected Papers Index of Authors

"The abstracts and papers contained in this volume are result of the 1st International Conference of the European College for the Study of Consciousness, which took place in Göttingen (Germany) in 1992. This volume demonstrates the success of the ECSC in providing a forum in which researchers, therapists, and laypersons can share their knowledge and acquaint themselves with important developments outside of their own areas of expertise. The numerous contributions it contains provide a quick overview of recent developments in a wide variety of fields – including chemistry, neurophysiology, psychiatry, anthropology, religious studies, and various therapeutic approaches – and document the extensive contemporary interest in questions related to consciousness. It is a valuable resource for persons wishing to learn more about the state of the art of consciousness studies, as well as for those who would like to know who the key players are in this rapidly developing field."
John R. Baker

"Worlds of Consciousness, Vol. 5: Abstracts and Selected Papers, edited by Michael Schlichting and Hanscarl Leuner is a uniquely valuable contribution to the field of consciousness studies that deserves a place in the library of every student as well as professional researcher. The collected abstracts from the 1st International Congress of the European College for the Study of Consciousness enable the reader to get a crucial overview of the wide-ranging research in the field. The inclusion of contact information for the researchers makes it easier for the reader to obtain additional information about topics of special interest. The selected papers are particularly valuable in that they describe in greater depth the intricacies of various research projects. This book will be much appreciated by poeple fascinated with the exploration of the fundamentally important but profoundly exclusive worlds of consciousness."
Rick Doblin

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